Team DTSI Perseveres Despite Challenges



What a crazy and busy year it’s been in the IT business everywhere.  As I look back at what everyone in our business has accomplished, I’m inspired and incredibly proud with how much we’ve been able to do.   VPN networks world-wide were quickly upgraded to account for unprecedented needs for all DOD employees and contractors  to operate from anywhere at any time—in short order the government made it happen.    

DTSI IT professionals successfully rewrote the entire Officer Promotion System code base.  These changes established six distinct officer developmental groupings for active component line officers, in Air Operations and Special Warfare, Nuclear and Missile Operations, Space Operations, Information Warfare, Combat Support and Force Modernization. Now officers compete against other officers in fields that have similar progression milestones, experiences and mission focus areas.  These new categories allow each career field the freedom and agility to better tailor officer development to meet job demands without compromising competitive position at a promotion board.

Team DTSI was center stage in supporting the A-1 Virtual Data Center (A1VDC) migration efforts too. Our legacy application teams helped ensure that all MilPERS systems transitioned successfully to the new Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud IL2 and IL4 environments.  This monumental effort required multiple contracts from different companies to work collaboratively while never compromising  operational support of our Airman and Guardians.

Recently, we also rolled out new Military Personnel Data System ( MilPDS) read-only Pay Data Self Service in preparation for the coming Air Force Integrated Pay and Personnel System (AFIPPS) upgrade.   This allows members to see much of their pay effecting information in MilPDS for the first time.  If there are issues that need attention, customers can take action to fix them well in advance of the AFIPPS integration.  

Lastly, we are working on ways to improve our Air Force Fitness Management System User Experience interface.  DTSI will continue to keep this platform up to date and easier to use as the Air Force looks at developing a brand-new platform with state-of-the-art features. 

The challenges this year have been difficult but Team DTSI has been instrumental keeping our Air and Space Force Personnel Systems Safe, Secure and moving forward on the Air Force and A1 Digital Transformation Initiatives.  

John Kresek is DTSI’s HR Information Systems Account Manager. He has over 20 years’ experience in information technology operations, program and portfolio management.  John also served in the Air Force, retiring as a colonel.  A career Personnelist in the USAF, his last assignment involved shifting the Air Force Personnel Center’s headquarter’s functions into a full tier service center.

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