Government Transparency



Government transparency is an important factor in maintaining the trust and confidence of its citizens. With greater transparency, citizens can be sure that their elected officials are doing the best job to represent their interests. Open access to public data helps build trust and encourage citizen engagement. Providing easy access demonstrates a government that is open and accountable to their citizens.

Accuracy of data is also essential for building trust in government. When citizens have access to clear and accurate information, they can make informed decisions about how their government operates. For citizens to feel confident in the decisions they make based on government data, it must be presented accurately and clearly.

In addition to making sure government data is available and accurate, it’s also important to ensure it remains accessible to all citizens. The technology used by the government for citizens to request data must be user-friendly so that anyone can understand how to use it without needing a great deal of technical knowledge or training. Furthermore, government should strive to make sure that any special software needed is free or low-cost, so that everyone has equal access regardless of financial means.

As technological advancements continue, government must ensure that all citizens have equal access to their data at minimal to no cost while protecting sensitive information from disclosure via appropriate security measures. Restricted access should be the exception not the rule.  

Government transparency is a key component in building trust between elected officials and citizens alike. Ensuring the appropriate measures are in place will continue to foster meaningful relationships between themselves and their constituents over time.  When people have greater access to accurate information, they feel more empowered and inclined to participate actively in political discourse.  And this is just one of the many freedoms we enjoy as citizens of the United States of America.

Greg Olivares, DTSI Account Executive

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