DTSI Participates in DoD Privacy Summit



On January 24th, 2023, Stephanie Gibbs, DTSI Transparency Systems Program Manager, was invited to speak at the DoD Privacy Summit in support of Federal Privacy Week, sponsored by the Federal Privacy Council. Data Privacy Week commemorates the January 28, 1981 signing of Convention 108, the first legally binding international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection. Since 2009, resolutions passed by Congress have supported the designation of January 28th as National Data Privacy Day in the United States. This year, the Data Privacy Day campaign was expanded into Data Privacy Week, a full week-long initiative. Data Privacy Week is a global effort meant to raise awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust. Ms. Gibbs demonstrated the DoD’ new Breach solution, built for the Defense Privacy Information Management Systems program for the DoD’s Office of Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Transparency. This Low-Code, No-Code solution allows DoD’s privacy officers to rapidly and accurately report privacy data breach issues all the way up to DoD senior leadership so they may proactively respond according to federal law and policy.

DTSI proudly upholds its mission to enhance and safeguard the integrity of governmental operations, all in service of those who risk their lives for our nation’s safety. Privacy is a priority; we take special care to ensure that the brave men and women serving the U.S military are supported with top-notch security solutions.

-Greg Olivares, DTSI Account Executive

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