DoD Directive 8570

DTSI strictly adheres to the guidelines set forth in this Directive. Let’s take a quick look to what is referenced in the DOD Directive 8570:

“Cyberspace is the new battlefield, where commercial and DoD assets have become virtual targets for our adversaries. The DoD 8570 Information Assurance Training, Certification and Workforce Management program addresses this threat by proactively educating and certifying commercial contractors, and military and civilian personnel to perform their critical duties as Information Assurance professionals. Under the 8570 Mandate, all personnel with “privileged access” to DoD systems must obtain an ANSI-approved commercial certification.

For a comprehensive overview of the DoD Directive 8570.1, please refer here.

Matching Classifications with the Certifications

In order to determine which certification is relevant, a classification grid has been constructed to pinpoint what duties the individual fulfills and what certifications are appropriate for their specific job function.

View DTSI National Security Position Designation (PDF Document)

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