DTSI is committed to providing the most innovative and advanced solutions to the increasingly demanding technological challenges facing DoD agencies.  NAICS codes: 517919, 541511, 811212, 541512, 518210...

Enterprise Systems - Agile Development

We have a proven history of applying leading-edge technologies and developing specialized systems, tools, and methodologies to meet a range of functional needs for the DoD community. Our range of expertise includes enterprise system development,  implementation, and sustainment, network implementation, application development, cyber security and product development.

Cloud Migration

As DoD has moved to a Data Center Consolidation and Cloud-first Strategy our Developers, Analyst, DBAs, and Engineers have been part of this digital transformation.  We are actively participating in multiple legacy migrations to AWS and DISA clouds. We have experience in various migration strategies: Rehosting (e.g. lift and shift”, Re-platforming (lift, change and shift), and Refactor/Re-architect where we have built new applications with AWS native tools and services.  We are constantly researching and learning new advantages that cloud services provide and look forward to assisting your business in taking advantage of the flexibility, increased services/capabilities, and speed that  cloud computing environment offers.

Cyber Security

DTSI helps secure and sustain the nation’s most complex networks from cyber threats. Our cyber command and control expertise works 24/7 to enable cyber operations at the speed of light for our Air Force partners. For over 35 years, we have helped the Air Force develop and sustain mission critical-critical software systems. For 20 years, we have supported the Air Force HR systems with enterprise support, software life cycle support, and desktop support. We have expanded into the exploding cybersecurity field and we are hiring network engineers, system administrators, cyber and intelligence trainers, and cybersecurity specialists at all levels of experience. This cyber team will work to deliver uninterrupted excellence to protect and support the Air Force’s cyber mission.

Software Development

Our software expertise and experience encompass system-level programming for secure enterprise-wide applications. Our software developers employ Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 proven and systemic approach to software development. Our development model provides a clear understanding of ongoing development efforts and provides a disciplined rule set of engineering procedures. Our software efforts have included web and client-based applications, database development and support, encryption management, identity and access management, user interface design and development, multi-format data warehousing, cloud-based data processing and routing, data collection, and large-scale processing and analytics.


As a CMMI level 3 appraised organization our focus of incorporating process with continual improvement is the foundation for our Agile team to ensure continuous delivery of secure, high quality software development.

Data Analytics

DTSI has provided data analytic capabilities to a variety of customers in several domains. Our personnel has leveraged data tools to create analytical dashboards, storyboards, mapping, and other collaborative business intelligence for the customer.

One recent example is the use of the Oracle Business Intelligence Edition suite of tools to provide statistical data and enhanced reporting capabilities to selected customers within the Air Force HRSTS community. These customers now possess enhanced data mining capabilities to more efficiently accomplish their specific missions.

“More than half of our team members are retired AF members, many of whom helped build and implement the systems they are maintaining today. We understand, work and train on AF and DoD enterprise systems, technical standards, and processes.”

- Brian Hickok, Program Manager