People who have made the difference!

DTSI Recognizes Team Milestones”

Many times, we hear how people make all the difference.  The difference between the average and the exceptional, the difference between the lackluster and the inspired.  This is no exception at DTSI and especially applicable to 17 of our teammates recognized at our recent Holiday Luncheon celebrations.  Their outstanding and sustained performance over many years have made DTSI successful. 

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all for their dedication to the mission and for making a difference!

Achievement of 30 year Tenure

Manny Marrufo 15 Apr

Achievement of 15 year Tenure

Scott Winfield, 02 Feb

Sujatha Saikumar, 26 Apr

Robert Stahl, 01 Jun

Charles Messick, 12 Jul

Russ Williams, 30 Aug

Ricardo Benavidez, 15 Sep

Celia El-Serougy, 15 Nov

Clyde Schmittou, 13 Oct

Achievement of 10 year Tenure

Dwayne Pantle, 12 Jan

Mike Presley, 13 Apr

Suzie Castañuela, 09 Nov

Brenda Lauer, 15 Dec

Achievement of 5 year Tenure

Ronny Taylor, 28 Apr

John Kresek, 01 Jul

Usha Govindaraju, 15 Sep