Manny Marrufo, President and CEO celebrated his 30 year employment tenure with the company in March.  Mr. Marrufo originally served as a consultant to the organization beginning in 1988 and was hired by DTSI in 1989.

He initially served in the capacity of CFO charged with managing the financial aspects for the corporation. In 2006, Mr. Marrufo was promoted to the position of CEO and subsequently named “President” in 2009. He has steadily guided the corporation to record levels of growth during his tenure.

Ms. Suzanne Castanuela, Chairman of DTSI was pleased to host a celebration of this career milestone at a March 9th social function in San Antonio.  Reflecting on Mr. Marrufo’s tenure, Ms. Castanuela said that “Manny is well deserving of the recognition he received. He has been instrumental in the growth of DTSI and he has provided the stability essential for long-term success of our organization.”

Mr. Marrufo continues to serve in his capacity ; DTSI wishes him many more years of success!