DTSI recently incorporated the Electronic Board Operation Support System (eBOSS) into its AFLCMC/HIH’s Human Resource Systems Technical Support contract. The first application added to HRSTS since the beginning of the contract, eBOSS sustainment is a critical function since promotion boards and other selection boards play such a critical function in Air Force personnel operations.

The first Air Force human resources application to utilize service oriented architecture (SOA) across a number of user platforms, eBOSS requires more attention to detail in systems administration. The administration of the environment is not for amateurs and requires constant communications to ensure eBOSS stays on the high side of reliability. To this end, DTSI is committed to the transition as well as the maintenance and sustainment.

eBOSS revolutionized the process of the Air Force board selection function. Transforming a time-consuming and paper-based process to a rapid, flexible electronic format, eBOSS leverages the Automated Records Management System record retrieval and integrates the Promotion Recommendation Inboard Support Management system. The result is increased efficiency, reduced workload, and the reduction in the number and frequency of errors.
DTSI is proud to take eBOSS into the maintenance and sustainment phase of the software development lifecycle, and is committed to ensuring eBOSS’ continued high reliability and performance.